The writing is on the wall for one of the most popular pages for downloading songs from the YouTube catalogue in MP3 format. YouTube-mp3 was sued for copyright infringement a year ago by a conglomerate of record labels represented by the Recording Industry Association of America. The case has wound up with site owner Philip Matesanz agreeing to pay a private settlement. Given his site’s imminent shutdown, we’ve put together this list of the best alternatives for converting YouTube videos to audio tracks.

Android apps to convert YouTube songs to audio

There are several apps that do basically the same thing as Youtube-MP3 and we’ve picked the best options for converting YouTube videos to MP3s right from your smartphone with no hassle. Lots of these apps share core features, so it’ll be the small differences in usage that will determine which one you stick with.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

It’d be hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard about the existence of this popular app. A fast and super simple way to convert YouTube videos to MP3s in seconds. It works great with an SD card, where it can automatically store everything you download, making it a great option. [Download]

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Videoder Youtube Video Downloader

Another of the most popular Android apps to be found and one of the most versatile, too, as it lets you convert videos to multiple sound formats – and not just videos from YouTube but also ones from other media platforms like Vimeo. [Download]



This app’s got a ton of options and thanks to it you can download and convert everything you find on YouTube. Another great tool to play content from the popular video site on any media player, with no need for an Internet connection. Its great strength is its simplicity, which has led to its being downloaded nearly 200 million times on Uptodown alone. [Download]


YT3 Music Downloader

This conversion app has a couple of features that differentiate it from its counterparts: the option to read song lyrics for the song you’re playing and a shortcut to download MP3s from the search screen with no need to go into YouTube video itself. [Download]

YT3 Music Downloader

KeepVid – Video Downloader

One of the apps with the cleanest designs lets you convert videos into loads of different formats. The cool thing is that it’s got a ton of sources to make the downloads from, not just YouTube. Plus if what you’re after is videos, you can download them with integrated subtitles, which is a great boost to the user experience overall. [Download]

KeepVid - Video Downloader

Websites to turn YouTube videos to audio tracks

We don’t know how much longer these sites will last, especially after the capitulation of YouTube-mp3, but for now they’re the best alternatives to Youtube-Mp3 in web format. We always recommend using apps for tasks like this, but it’s still useful to have other options so that people can take their pick.

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