Playing videos on cell phones and tablets is a standard, everyday experience, and the because of this the latest update that the official YouTube app just released is very important. It is even more so if you take into account the upgrades that it includes, such as the completely overhauled designed, and the addition of multi-window functionality.

Youtube Android cabecera

The new version takes YouTube to the level of the rest of Google’s apps in regards to a tiled layout, such as that used by Google Now and Google Plus, for example. This new distribution offers clearer browsing, and when you consider the new lateral menu bar on the left, the experience has been substantially improved on Android, bringing it to the level of the iOS version, which already included it.

Youtube Android screenshots

Another important new feature is the ability to play videos in the background. You can even browse through the app and still watch the video, which is displayed in miniature at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can swipe to bring the video back to the foreground, or create a playlist to play automatically and sequentially from said view.

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