With the year ending, now is a good moment for a bit of nostalgia. The media have already made their summaries of world events during 2013; but if you’d like to remember all the important developments of the last year in your own life, your social networks can help you. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify let you create and share a short summary of your most relevant web activity. How’s your 2013 been?

Facebook – Year in Review

Your Facebook account contains a great deal of personal information, from your date of birth to the photos of the most recent trips you’ve taken. Thanks to all this published data, last year Mark Zuckerberg’s company was able to launch its Year in Review feature to remind you of the 20 most relevant moments on your profile, with your most popular photos, the posts with the most “Like” and the moments you’ve added as Life Events. If you’re one of those that shares almost your entire life on this social network, this summary should be quite interesting.


Twitter – Vizify

The information that you broadcast to the world through your tweets also leaves a personal footprint that can be very complicated to trace with the passage of time, since (unlike Facebook) Twitter doesn’t allow your to browse through your own wall according to the years and months in which your tweets were posted, making it hard to go back and re-read them. The webapp Vizify solves this problem for you by creating a video summary with your own trending topics, the best followers, and your most popular post, along with photos, videos, and stats about your tweet times.

 Instagram – Statigram

Instagram will not be left behind and has jumped on the annual summary bandwagon. Through the client Statigram you can create a 15-second video with your five most important Instagram moments, that is, the photos and videos with the most hearts. You just have to log in to your account and request your summary, which will arrive as soon as it’s been created to your email and can be shared with your friends with the hashtag: #memostatigram.



And since it’s likely that not everything in your life revolves around photos and videos, Spotify also shows what you’ve been listening to during 2013: your top artists, albums, playlists, and the most frequently played songs as well as the total amount of time you’ve spent using the service.

Spotify resumen


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