We’ve had lots of praise for the titles of simple pleasures here at Uptodown, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like other kinds of games, too. When a high-quality title comes out, all we can do is acknowledge the evidence and sing its praises. And that’s exactly what we have to do today with Yokai Saga, an impressive free action game for Android with some of the most imposing graphics we’ve ever seen on a smartphone screen.

Yokai Saga

Yokai Saga is, first and foremost, a fun action game. In it your group of heroes moves horizontally over small battlefields where all the action happens. We’re looking at a festival of fist fights, each struggling to be the most brilliant you’ve ever seen. And not just from your group, as your enemies also have something to say in this fantasy adventure that seems taken straight from an anime.

The controls couldn’t be more intuitive or simpler to handle. Your group advances automatically through a small setting while you dedicate yourself to what’s important: choosing when you’re going to do your special moves or when you have to summon the Yokai. These are the spirits that give the game its name and confer special powers. You’ll unlock them along the way, making the game’s narrative thread feel quite organic, as to be able to use most of them you first have to beat them in battle.

Yokai Saga

The game’s difficulty increases as you advance, and you have to dig around through the tons of options in Yokai Saga to make your battle force invincible: tons of characters and Yokais to use, special themed events, character fusions to create more powerful assassins, daily missions, real-time PvP battles once you beat enough levels… It’s easy to feel boggled by all the available options, but even easier to enjoy the wonderment of how meticulous the game’s design is.

Yokai Saga

Yokai Saga is very easy on the eyes. Its gorgeous flow, together with the fantasy anime aesthetic, will make you fall in love with its visual power. But it also has a fun system of missions to be done in quick timeframes that have more to them than first meets the eye. And we haven’t even mentioned the smoothness of its performance, which amazes us to no end. A freemium game that’s perfect for the medium and that we can only recommend again and again.

Yokai Saga for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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