You might not have heard of Yo-Kai, yet. They’re the new Nintendo phenomenon that’s all the rage in Japan. If you’re a child of the nineties, they’ll immediately remind you of Pokémon, in all the right ways. Just a few days from now, the first game to be released internationally in this series is going to be widely available and madly popular.

For the moment, Nintendo just put out a limited released of Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble – a puzzle game spin-off for Android which isn’t fully available in all countries yet, but we have it for you out now ready to download on Uptodown.


This saga brought to you by the studios at Level-5 starts out with a similar story to Pokemon. They’re basically JRPGs in which you’ll have to capture collectable creatures that take turns battling each other. Though, this time around instead of hunting and training your “pocket monsters” you’ll have to do this with Yo-Kai, which are Japan’s very own traditional mythological spirits that you’ll have to help in order for them to be invoked later during battle.

Yo-Kai Watch has been around the block, and was already out in Japan as a video game that was released in 2013 along with three other sequels. These days after huge success, there is a ton of merchandising, manga, anime, and did we mention merchandising? Yes, Yo-kai is everywhere. Finally,  three years later Nintendo is going to begin exporting the game outside its home borders in the form of the first part of the saga on 3DS, along with Wibble Wobble which has the appearance of a simple puzzle game, but is actually very similar to the original.

Yo-Kai Android screenshot

In Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble you’ll have to face off with other creatures that are making the same combinations of Yo-Kais that appear on your screen. The more Yo-kais you link together, the more damage you’ll inflict when popping them. Once you eliminate your opponent, there is a big chance that they’ll join up to help you in other battles from then on. Adding on one more Yo-Kai to your collection, will still depend on a number of factors, though. When you beat a level your Yo-Kai will level up with you, and you’ll get to unblock special attacks as they evolve.

How each Yo-Kai advances is very similar to progress systems in many other games. You’ll also have the option to buy special items and obtain new characters as you gain experience. You’ll have a numbered amount of matches you can play that will the game will keep track of in real time. This will definitely ring a bell among those of you out there that have played any of the other thousands of Free-to-Play games roaming the Android ecosystem.

Yo-Kai Android Walkappa

Even though there has yet to be an international release of the game, it is now available in the United States, Australia and Canada, which is why it’s APK is ready to download on Uptodown, regardless of where you’re connecting from.


  1. […] You won’t have heard of Yo-Kai, but. They’re the brand new Nintendo phenomenon that is all the fad in Japan. In the event you’re a toddler of the nineties, they will instantly remind you of Pokémon, in all the correct methods. Just some days from now, the primary recreation to be launched internationally on this collection goes to be extensively obtainable and madly common. For the second, Nintendo simply put out a restricted launched of Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble – a puzzle game spin-off for Android which is not absolutely out there in all nations but, however we now have it for you out now able to obtain on Uptodown. Read more […]


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