Many things are changing since Marissa Mayer came to Yahoo. During recent months we’ve seen various shakeups at the company, from the complete renovation of its interface to business maneuvers like the acquisition of Tumblr. Now comes a new phase in this makeover: They have just launched new and revamped versions of their iOS and Android apps, as well as a facelift for the desktop client, with the increase in the amount of email storage space to up to 1TB standing out as among the most alluring of the improvements.


The mobile app now supports multi-touch gestures and offers a simpler, cleaner interface, with several improvements to how it displays your emails, the most significant of which includes the grouping of messages into conversation threads—a functionality that other services like Gmail have boasted for quite a long time already. This comes along with personalized searches, advanced support for visual styles, and a higher level of integration with the desktop version and other Yahoo services.

These changes are not limited to mobile devices, since the revamp covers all the Yahoo Mail infrastructure across all platforms. Even still, the greatest attraction of this revamp is the increase of up to 1TB in storage space for your email account and stored file attachments, making it a rather difficult feat to fill your inbox to the brim.

In addition, many of the functionalities that had been reserved for the paid version of the service, Yahoo Mail Plus, are now offered for free, including the sending of messages from temporary accounts as well as automatic resending. Meaning that the point of Yahoo’s premium service will now basically be to block the ads associated with the service.

The new versions of the iOS and Android apps will be available this week, while the web redesign will apply only to English-speaking countries for an unspecified period of time.

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