Although Yahoo is going through difficult times and is a shadow of its former self from several years ago, they still refuse to throw in the towel in their attempts to offer interesting products: Livetext is a new and original instant messaging service that offers the best of two worlds – a minimalist chat client where you can chat with your contacts with text and video (without sound) streaming in the background.

The idea makes a lot of sense. In these days when everyone in the world seems to be wandering around the streets in silence with their heads down typing away like there’s no tomorrow, a videocalling service where you don’t have to talk out loud and burst that bubble of privacy seems to be quite a good idea. What Livetext offers is a ‘live meme’ where you can see the faces and reactions of your chat partner while you type.


There’s not even a trace of a setup menu, with everything focused on the conversation itself without sweeteners of any sort – no file-sending, no groups, no nothing, just texting and viewing the person on the other side of the screen live. The only thing you can do is double-tap quickly to alternate between the front and back cameras on your device.

The app has just been launched, and although it’s still not officially available in many countries, you can install its APK file and register to use it for free – although it might be the case that you can’t register with your phone number and have to use your Yahoo ID. Yep, you’re sure to have an old Yahoo account somewhere out there collecting cobwebs.


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