Lately, cloud storage has been the talk of the town, including options that are very popular today, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The problem with these services is that access to your data isn’t completely private, and it isn’t protected from the censorship of the company which owns the storage space. An example of this happened in mid-2012 when Microsoft deleted some images that were considered “prohibited”, which in reality were images from an Amedeo Modigliani painting from 1917 that came from a client’s private account. Lacie, which manufacturers physical storage drives, now brings us Wuala, a secure cloud storage service.

Wuala cabecera

From all this, we come to the conclusion that the majority of cloud storage services are vulnerable and unsafe if they don’t have a sufficiently secure way to store our data. Wuala uses an advanced encryption system called AES-128, and the encryption key isn’t stored on its server, so your data can’t be viewed by anyone, not even the program’s creators. It is similar to the new MEGA’s system, although MEGA uses it to avoid getting into legal issues more than just for security purposes.

The way Wuala works is very much the same as other similar services. It offers 5 GB of free cloud storage space, which you can increase through premium plans, and it has versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, and apps for mobile devices.


Its simple and easy-to-use interface makes storing, syncing, sharing, and publishing from anywhere in the world a breeze. The program comes with a toolbar icon that you can use to control many of basic preferences, even which percent of your files should be uploaded. You can also control the upload and download speed, pause syncing, and restart it again later whenever you want. Additionally, you can choose for it to run automatically when your operating system boots, although you can run it just as you would any other traditional way.

Download Wuala on Uptodown
Version for Windows |
Version for Mac |
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Version for Android |

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  1. I didn’t know about that Microsoft Cloud problem. I am using it but I think I will change shortly.
    Wuala seems more secure with the encription option. Also Lacie is very fluent in data encription and protection.
    Thanks for this interesting post. It gives a wake-up regarding data security issues.

  2. Thanks Robert for your kind words. We have to be careful about the data we upload to the cloud, and who’s watching…




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