That Pokémon is a prolific brand going way beyond the saga itself is a fact – as we’ve already seen here on the blog before. Android is the cradle of all things clone- and fangame-related, and the Pokémon saga is no exception. But unlike with a lot of other adaptations, WorkeMon doesn’t tiptoe on the edge of legality, as its premise is quite different despite including several elements from the original for parody purposes. Here the idea is to play a company CEO and capture employees to make your business prosper.

workemon screen 1 WorkeMon: A Pokémon parody of the business world

The roots of WorkeMon lie in the micromanagement genre, with rather a lot of similarities with Kairosoft games in terms of how it develops. The funny bit comes when, to hire a new worker, you have to play a turn-based combat minigame where you reduce the potential employee’s self-esteem and expected salary as much as possible before hiring him. Swap pokeballs for infrahuman contracts and you’ll have a pretty good idea of where this is heading.

Your workers gain experience to let you level your company up, as well as net profits that you can cash in for all kinds of game items: upgrades to your installations or new tricks to make the hiring “battles” easier and help you get employees with better skills.

workemon screenshot 1 WorkeMon: A Pokémon parody of the business world

As you move ahead in the game you’ll unlock new hiring areas and new sources of income and expenditure to give free rein to your over-the-top luxury consumerism. That said, if you run out of money you can always use your mom’s credit card, which is forever there to bail you out no matter how high you set your sights.

workemon screenshot 2 WorkeMon: A Pokémon parody of the business world

WorkeMon is a monumental bit of nonsense that serves as both a parody of smartphone Pokémon titles in 2D and a strategy and management game. Its free-to-play model means you’ll have to watch a video here and there between menus, but beyond that (and the option to spend real money on game objects), the experience isn’t affected much.

WorkeMon for Uptodown [APK] | Download


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