One of the most-used keyboards in the Android miniverse is undoubtedly SwiftKey. This essential tool for smartphones has been around on Android for long time, but it was only recently that it made all its themes free. A move they can be proud of. As they can be as well with their most recent update: app support for more than 150 languages.

Swiftkey Android

The head honchos at SwiftKey are sticking their chests out a bit with the announcement of this round and resoundingly impressive number. More than 150 languages are now available on this virtual keyboard with the latest linguistic packages. In particular, the latest languages to be added include: Friulian, Lingala, Fijian, Rwandan, Oromo, Tsonga, Setswana, Swazi, Venda, Sesotho, Hiligaynon, and Southern Ndebele. That said, the official version of the app still has just 141, as for now the latest additions appear only in the beta version. But they should roll out to all users soon.

This celebrated update has a lot to do with the continual changes being undergone by SwiftKey’s closest competitor, Gboard. The Google keyboard seems to be putting the pedal to the metal and is waging a competitive race where the final winner can only be us users. Having two apps trying to develop progressively can only reassure us that we’ll keep hearing ever more news about novelties and upgrades.

Swiftkey Android

SwiftKey continues to be a point of reference in terms of typing by swiping, which is the feature that made it famous. Thanks to this and its compendium of other basic features (smart writing and autocorrect, compatibility with and prediction of 800+ emoticons, more than 30 free themes…), this virtual keyboard is sure to keep tongues wagging – or fingers flying. We’re sure about that.

More info | SwiftKey Blog

Swiftkey for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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