Microsoft is trying to use the same mysteriousness as Apple products to introduce their next Windows 8. Therefore, invitations have started to circulate among the American media, urging them to go to the event that will be held on October 25th, where Surface will also be unveiled, the tablet that Redmond is trying to get to join the battle with iOS and Android. It’s very likely that both the new operating system and the new device will be on sale the next day. Here are some tips about the different versions that are coming out and their prices.

Ballmer Surface Windows 8 Windows 8 and the Surface tablet arrive at the end of the month

Windows 7 ended up being tremendously chaotic with the seven different versions that were launched: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. This made it difficult for users to choose which edition would suit their needs, in addition to the terrible and absurd limitations of the previous editions. Luckily, they have learned from their mistakes this time, and there will only be three different versions of Windows 8.

The basic version of Windows 8 (called exactly that) has practically all the basic features except a few ones such as remote desktop, some virtualization options, and start up from virtual drives, and will be the edition that users get that update from Windows 7 Starter or Home editions. Windows 8 Pro won’t have the previously mentioned restrictions and will be the transformation of the other Windows 7 versions. Lastly, in the Windows 8 RT version, whose focus is to be used with mobiles and tablets with ARM technology, the traditional desktop will disappear and navigation will exclusively be centered on the new Metro interface.

Windows 8 escritorio Windows 8 and the Surface tablet arrive at the end of the month

What’s more, European users will have a variation different from the rest of the world as a result of the endless disputes between the European Union and Microsoft relating to the inclusion of Windows Media Player as an integrated player in the OS by default. Because of this, European users will receive Windows 8 without said program, even though you can download it later on.

The best thing about all this is how clear and competitive the prices are that are being revealed. Without out being too far off, updating our old operating system to the new Windows 8 (whether it be XP, Vista, or 7) will only cost $40 for the digital version.  What has been confirmed is that all users that have purchased a computer between the 2nd of last June and the 31st of January, 2013 will be able to update to Windows 8 for only $15, according to the previously mentioned conversion.

Updates aside, the prices for the retail version of Windows 8 Pro have also been modified, which will arrive on the American market for a recommended price of $199, while the server edition will be more than $800. With all this in mind, we see that the cost to update is more affordable than ever and the cost for a new version comes with a competitive price, as well as the clarity that comes with having only three very different versions of the operating system.

Surface tablet imagen Windows 8 and the Surface tablet arrive at the end of the month

In addition to the operating system, it is very likely that Surface will be unveiled on the 25th, the promising tablet that was introduced in mid-June and hopes to stand up to the iPad with more force than Android devices or the spin-offs from Amazon with the Kindles they’ve had up until now. Although in the beginning it was speculated that the initial price would be greater than $500 dollars for the Windows RT version and up to $800 for the Pro, the latest statements from Steve Ballmer lower the minimum price to $300. If that’s the case, we will see one of the most momentous launches ever. Microsoft finally seems to be adapting to the modern age.



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