No sense mincing about: Windows 10 is super elegant – much more so than its predecessors, although the level of interface personalization is rather limited and subject to the same system of themes as previous versions. Recently, though, a hidden theme with dark tones has been discovered that can replace the grey palette in the windows of applications native to the operating system. You can activate it by activating a key in your Windows registry.

  • Go to Regedit by typing that phrase into the Windows search bar, then search the following route:


  • Right-click on the white space within that route or in Edit > New > DWORD Value (32 bits) and name it AppsUseLightTheme. You can then close your registry editor.
  • It may be the case that the new theme doesn’t activate automatically. In that case, go to the Windows 10 Setup menu (by typing setup into the search bar or pressing the Win + I shortcut) and then to Custom > Colors, then tick and untick the selector a few times alongside ‘Automatically pick an accent color in my background.’


Keep in mind that the color change will apply to all native Windows 10 applications – the Windows Setup menu, the applications for music, photos, videos, etc. The windows of your browser and any other program with a frame will stay as they were, although to change these you still have the classic Windows themes that can be accessed from Setup > Personalization > Themes > Theme configuration, where you can pick a chromatic range to match your new darker aesthetic. Batman would be sure to love it.

Source | AddictiveTips



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