The rumors revolving the next Apple smartphone never end. Not long ago we mentioned how people are already talking about an iPhone 6. Well, shortly after, a rumor surfaced that Apple could be working on an economically-priced smartphone with less features, which began to be called the Mini iPhone. This was later proven to be false. Now, the latest rumors are saying that the company at Cupertino will begin working on what is being called the iPhone 5S, which will be ready by June.

 iPhone 5S, iPhone barato, Mini  iPhone

The rumors about a possible iPhone with an affordable price tag and less features made lots of noise; however, they were denied by Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing. The reason he gave was that Apple smartphones are sophisticated, expensive devices, which is why their market share in the smartphone arena is low – around 20%. However, 75% of all earnings generated from smartphones come from the iPhone, which is why there is no real reason for them to change their marketing strategy.

Nonetheless, given the echo that the cheap iPhone rumor had, we can assume that those at Cupertino have heard the public’s message that they want an iPhone of those characteristics. And, it would be a good opportunity for the company to throw a punch at its main rival, Google’s Android smartphones, when it comes to purchases of lower-cost devices.

Now, however, apparently with a little more base, people are talking about an iPhone 5S, which would be an updated version of the recently released iPhone 5, something similar to what happened with iPhone 4 and the the 4S.

iPhone 5S, iPhone barato, Mini iPhone

The production of the iPhone would begin in March of this year, although it hasn’t been revealed which improvements would be made in regards to the previous model. But, what has been said, is that this new model would be released sometime in June or July.

Has we have pointed out, this would cut the usual one year interval in which each new generation of iPhone is released on the market down to nine months. The strange thing is that all this indicates that the iPhone 5 is selling well, and that there are many people that want to acquire one.

Apple is staying firm on its policy of not commenting on rumors, which in this case isn’t working well at all for the company. In other words, Apple has half the world’s population wondering about what the next iPhone will be like, and when it will be released on the market.

Of course, the biggest argument for giving credit to the possibility of a cheap iPhone is the existence of the iPad Mini, the 7-inch tablet that Steve Jobs was against ever creating, but turned out being successful in regards to sales, in part due to it costing less than the 10-inch iPad.


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