At this point,  imagining the internet without Wikipedia, is almost impossible. This massive collaboratively built database of shared knowledge has always been a foundation for referencing anything on the internet. Unfortunately its official app hasn’t been terribly relevant, until now. In an attempt to make some structural changes, Wikipedia has just announced a new version of its official app for Android where current events take center stage, by offering  topics that are trending on this platform.

Opening up the app, you’ll come across links to Wikipedia pages with information that is very current. Extremely current, due to the fact that all of its content is being modified and updated constantly. This provides a fantastic way to keep up to speed in a vaguely neutral way, or at least as neutral as a portal with these characteristics can be, given the varied and often skewed personal opinions of its users.



The most noticeable element in this app is its search bar, but there’s also spots for links to news articles as well as recommendations based on trending news, a browser history bar, a miscellaneous section, along with photos of the day, and a nearly endless scrollbar with related content.



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