Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re having a get-together and someone asks for your WiFi password. Typical. Your next step? Either tell them to look at the back of the router if you haven’t changed the default password, or to go looking for that tiny piece of paper where you wrote it down. Well, guess what? We’ve got a trick to make this whole situation a whole lot simpler next time, and grant access to your WiFi network without having to enter any complicated characters. 

Wifi QR

Some Android layers from different manufacturers like MIUI from Xiami or EMUI from Huawei, already offer an automatic QR code feature that provides access to your WiFi network. This way, the person who wants to connect just has to focus their camera on the black and white image.

To find the code, you just have to go to Settings > Wireless connections and networks > Wi-Fi.  After that, you just have to hold your finger down for a couple seconds on the network you’re connected to and want to share access to, and you’ll see the QR code.

qr screenshots 1 How to easily share your WiFi network password via QR code

If your guests don’t have a QR reader installed on their devices, all they need to do is download a tool like QR Code Reader. This app will use the phone’s camera to read the information provided in the QR code.

What if your Android version doesn’t generate a QR code?

If your version of Android doesn’t offer this option to automatically generate a QR code for your WiFi network, you can always use external tools to set up one manually.

There are portals like QiFi that let you generate a QR code in seconds by just entering some information about your network like the SSID, type of password, and password. Once it’s created, you have the possibility to save it to your gallery and/or share it with friends.


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