The missing link in Facebook’s features – and subject of endless urban legends and fraudulent procedures – has always been to figure out how to see who’s visited your profile. While there’s no way to do it directly, you can get an approximate overview in the source code of your profile, where there’s a list of people who most frequently visit your profile and interact with you.


  • The procedure is simple: from the URL for your Facebook profile, and logged into your account, right-click on the screen and tick the “View Source Code” option, available in the context menu on both Chrome and Facebook.
  • Now you need to do a specific search: press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F and type friendlist into the search field. You should only find one result. Now look carefully at what comes in the next lines.
  • You’ll see an enormous chain of elements made up of numeric codes followed by a hyphen and another number. Each of them represents a Facebook friend who has visited your profile, although it’s not very clear if this is the number of visits or there is some influence from the level of interaction with publications.


  • To see who visits your profile most (or whom you interact with most), you’ll copy the chain of numbers that’s in the first location on the list without the hyphen or the following number—in other words, what follows right after “InitialChatFriendsList”,[],{“list”: and then create a URL with, a slash, and that number. For example:
  • When you open the page you’ll see that you’ve arrived at the profile of the person in question. It’s up to you how to interpret the results. If among the first entries you find people you hardly ever interact with, it’s possible that there’s a “spy within your ranks” … or somebody is VERY interested in you.



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