There’s always been a lot of trickery surrounding services that supposedly detect who’s removed you from their contacts on certain social networks. Who Deleted Me is a service that delivers exactly this: it can check who has removed or blocked you from their Facebook account, with the tool available both as an Android app and a Chrome extension.

Who Deleted Me doesn’t work magic, meaning it can’t see actions done before you’ve installed it. But the way it works is very simple. When you access the tool it stores a list of your contacts. Every time you then go back in, it does a comparison between your former and current lists. The difference between both groups obviously corresponds to who has deleted you, as the ones you’ve removed yourself can be seen right from your own account. In short: the app works perfectly.

who deleted me 1 An app to see who’s deleted you from Facebook

It’s not necessary to go into the app every time you want to see the changes, as the Android version can do the check periodically in the background, and when it detects that someone has deleted you, you’ll automatically get a notification on your device. In terms of the tool’s credibility and transparency, our tests haven’t detected any irregularities, and Virustotal gives a rating of 100% reliability in its analysis. If you’re obsessive about managing and following your social networkds, prepare for that obsession to get a lot worse.



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