Whether you like it or not, Steam has become the current model in the world of Windows video games. Today, if you want to play practically any video game on the market, you need to have the program Steam installed on your computer – it is optional for some games, but required for others. But, unlike other video games platforms, Steam allows its users to purchase products at tons of different stores, both physical and digital, that offer game keys that you can register on Valve’s platform. In this article, we’ll review all the places where you not only can get ahold of Steam games, but also perhaps get them for less.


Deals, which anyone who is even moderately familiar with the platform would know, are always going on at Steam, which provides literally a sale every day. And that is good for users. But, of course, there are times when, despite the deals, it is cheaper to turn to other stores because they have discount codes, charge using other currencies, or simply have more competitive offers (if possible) than Steam itself.

Greenman Gaming

One of the latest digital video game distribution platforms to enter the arena, Green Man Gaming, is interestingly the one offering the best prices right now. Its trick: in addition to offering the same discount percentage as Steam, it often allows you to enter a discount code for up to 20% off when you check out. It’s almost ridiculous how good these prices end up being. In addition, the platform is very “honest” when it comes to Steam registration codes, as it clearly indicates which games can be registered on the Valve platform, and which cannot.

Greenman Gaming home


Another digital distribution platform that has been around for a long time and offers similar services to those of Green Man Gaming is Gamersgate. The main difference, however, is that despite having discount codes, they are not as common as they are at Green Man Gaming. That being said, its biggest advantage compared to the competition is that for each purchase customers make they receive “blue coins,” a type of internal currency that is used to purchase games within Gamersgate itself. So, although its an indirect method, its possible to save a little bit even though you fork out the same amount of money you would pay on Steam.

Gamersgate home


Somewhat further from digital distribution platforms, and closer to the black market, you’ll find stores that sell codes such as the famous G2Play. These types of websites are usually based out of countries in Central and Eastern Europe where games in their physical format are notably cheaper. Because of this, their owners are able to sell the game codes for a much more inferior game than those offered on Steam. For example, while the new Tomb Raider costs $50 on Steam, you can get it on any of these sites for just $30.

G2Play home

Other websites

Large physical video game retailers also have an online presence, and, in many instances, really great deals. The most noteworthy of which are probably Amazon.com, which not only allows users to make purchases in dollars, but also commonly matches the deals that Steam offers. Of course, what all these stores ultimately offer isn’t anything more than the activation code to register on Steam – no downloads, unless otherwise indicated.

Still, in the arena of digital distribution, you can find the ever more popular “bundles.” This method, which was first began by the legendary Humble Indie Bundle and then followed by many others such as IndieRoyale and IndieGala, offers a series of games at whatever price that the user is willing to pay. Normally, if you spend one or two bucks, you can can get activation codes for Steam for the majority of games. Some of the ones they offer, at times, are not on Steam’s database, and therefore can’t be registered.

HumbleBundle home

Lastly, you can always purchase games to be later activated on Steam by going to your local video game shop. Every day there are more games that require Steam to play. So, whether you buy them at Gamestop or Bestbuy, and you have the game’s disc in your hands, you’ll still have to have an Internet connection, and enter the code on Steam to be able to play. Titles the like of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrimand Fallout: New Vegas, to name a few, are included in this category in which you can by the physical disc, but you can (and have to) register it on Steam.

There are many alternatives to Steam’s virtual store, as you can see. Digitally purchasing video games is here, and although there are many gamers that prefer to have the little case with the print manual and DVD inside, there are increasingly more of us who prefer the immediacy of downloading, and the ease of use that Steam offers in that regard.

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