The excitement all started a week ago when Google presented its new line of devices, headed by the new Nexus 4, which has the features of a high-end smartphone but with a much more affordable price. In fact, some devices that compete in power, such as the recent iPhone 5, cost more than double.

Nexus 4 cabecera Where to buy Google Nexus 4

Nexus 4 is manufactured by LG, and its official price is $299 on the GooglePlay store for the 8GB model and $349 for the 16GB one. Because preorders weren’t available, the 13th of November they went on sale directly from the website, although they haven’t specified a specific time or number of units available and are now out of stock. Many users were pounding on the F5 button to refresh the page and buoght all devices in a matter of hours. Now all those people who bought it are waiting for it to enjoy their Nexus 4 and many of us are waiting for Google to add more devices in the stock.

What is clear is that sooner or later the device will be in physical stores and the price will notably go up because of distribution costs and store markup, which will be a lot because of the small profit margin made from Google. What’s more, a few days ago the online chain of stores The Phone House placed the Nexus 4 on sale on their website for no less than $599, a listing that they had to delete once the price from the official Google website was posted because Google’s price was lower.

The future is uncertain for the Nexus given the tremendous imbalance that could take place if the price were to hit all the specialized stores, which is why carriers could even end up offering it free of charge with a contract. This would be an ideal and feasible situation that other manufacturers will try to keep from happening because it would be impossible for them to compete with such spectacular features and price.


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