Amateur online espionage and keeping tabs of your contacts’ every move on social networks has become many people’s obsession. WhatsApp statuses and everything related to double-checks, connection times, and the visibility of the disappearing posts are all recurring issues in this respect, though – exaggerated as it may sound – these may not even cover all bases for some people. For them, there’s the Whatscope app, which can spy on any phone number of your choice and create a log of that person’s connection times. It can even send notifications when a person opens WhatsApp.

whatscope featured Whatscope is the definitive spying app for WhatsApp

Literally the only thing this app needs is the phone number associated with a WhatsApp account to run its scan. Once you add that, and then wait 10 minutes or so, you start getting the connection information in a real-time log with the time a person logs on and logs off of WhatsApp. All this info gets stored for later review, and most importantly, you can also get notifications when a specific contact goes online.

whatscope screenshots Whatscope is the definitive spying app for WhatsApp

As this is a tracking service, the free version can only be used for 24 hours. After that time you’ll have to subscribe to a payment plan (with monthly or weekly options) that gives you unlimited use of the app. Moreover, it seems that the service has gotten so many new requests that at the moment the trial mode isn’t even working.

Whatscope seems to have coopted the idea behind WhatsDog, a tool that did the same thing but stopped working properly months ago. None of this changes the fact that the app is totally horrifying and nobody in the world should really be engaging in such a sick level of stalking of their contacts.



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