The latest WhatsApp update has, like its predecessors, added a set of hidden functions that can be activated using an external app. In this case, the good people behind @WABetaInfo have uncovered an interesting feature in the newest version: the option to play a YouTube video in a window straight from the chat tab without having to open the YouTube app.

wabetainfo whatsapp youtube WhatsApp lets you view YouTube videos without leaving the app

This means when you tap a YouTube video link that somebody’s sent over, no longer do you have to leave the app and go back in to carry on with your chat. You can either view the clip in a small window on the screen so it doesn’t slow down the flow of the chat itself — groud viewing of content, anybody? – or play the video in fullscreen.

For now this content can only be unlocked in the version of WhatsApp for iOS, but as in previous instances, its appearance on Android is just a matter of time. Likewise, over at WABetaInfo they confirm that they’ll notify us as soon the feature is out so that – just like what happened with recent features that were initially hidden and and later released on the stable client – we can be the first to try out the changes by using the app WA Tweaks, which we’ve talking about before on this blog.

wa tweaks screenshot WhatsApp lets you view YouTube videos without leaving the app


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