WhatsApp keeps pulling new tricks out of their hat before the year comes to an end. Most recently, the messaging app has included a new feature that lets you watch videos from other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, without having to leave the chat screen. This new feature, which Telegram began offering months ago, aims to continue improving the user experience.


Say hello to ‘Picture in Picture’ video

For many users, WhatsApp has been missing the PiP videos feature for a while now. After all, having to leave the app each time that you want to watch content is a pain. Now, all you have to do is send a link to any contact and you’ll have the possibility to play the file directly in the chat.

Plus, you can move the video frame around on the screen or enlarge it to watch it in full screen. Plus, you’ll see the icon of the app where it came from, in case you want to leave the chat and watch it from its original source.


Now you can only forward messages to up to five contacts at a time

But this isn’t the only new feature that’s arrived with the version 2.18.384 of WhatsApp. Its creators want to put an end to fake message chains. To do this they’ve reduced the forwarding capacities. With this new measure, you can only resend content to up to five people at a time. Users used to be able to forward content to up to 20, but the spread of hoaxes in the app has led the developers to reduce this number.

With this decision, WhatsApp intends to increase the security of the service. Only time will tell if the restrictions on message forwarding will be enough to put an end to the wild spread of fake news around the planet.

WhatsApp Messenger on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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