More and more possibilities are appearing for your smartphone to facilitate transactions or directly make automated payments for different services and apps. As revealed by¬†@WPBetaInfo, the latest beta version of the official WhatsApp client for Android is hiding a major new option to make payments to other users from the app itself, although it’s not yet been fully enabled.


whatsapp pagos feat WhatsApp to allow making in-app payments on Android

Its latest client version 2.17.295 includes (in addition to minor interface tweaks) a hidden option that shows the new WhatsApp Payments system, which specifies that the service works through UPI (Unified Payments Interface). An online payment platform developed by the leading provider of these services in India. This could be due to new regional agreements with different companies already providing this service.


whatsapp pagos WhatsApp to allow making in-app payments on Android

This new service is a logical next step for WhatsApp after publicly announcing its intention to offer new ways to link up communication between companies and customers; likely playing a large role in this payment platform implementation. Without looking any further, in previous betas both the existence of company profile pages for WhatsApp contacts and a complete system to receive ads coming from businesses with verified accounts was found.

For now, the only way to access this new section (although not directly use it) is to install the latest beta client for WhatsApp and download the WA Tweaks application, a tool created by WPBetaInfo that allows you to enable hidden options that appear in the latest published versions Of Instagram.



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