Until now, if you had to change your mobile number, you had to create a new WhatsApp account, meaning that in the process you lost all your status configurations and all the groups you had been participating in. But with the app’s most recent update, this will no longer be the case, since from now on it will be possible to migrate your account to a new number so that you don’t lose all your info. In addition, you won’t have to pay for the service again after having already done so when you first installed the app.

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Recently, the app’s developers have made available to users the latest version 2.11.96 of WhatsApp for Android, which allows you to change the telephone number associated with your account from the app itself. To do so, having installed the update, you only have to go to Settings > Account Info > Change number, where it will ask you for your current phone number and the one you wish to change it to.


After making the request, you’ll receive a confirmation at the new phone number, meaning that in order to receive text messages on the phone that the account will migrate to.

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