Just a couple of days have passed after Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp before an important development has emerged regarding the IM service—a development its users had been demanding for some time. The new 2.11.69 version for Android includes the option to hide the time that you last connected, among other new privacy options. Are big changes in the service finally approaching?

Once you’ve installed the new version, you have to access the configuration menu via Settings > Account Info > Privacy, where you’ll find a series of new options. In “Who can see my personal information,” you can choose how your profile photo is displayed, your status, and your last connection time, with the options to display them to everyone, only to your contacts, or to nobody.


The only inconvenient thing about eliminating this information is that it will go both ways. That is, if you hide your own last connection time you also won’t be able to see that of others. Nevertheless, this feature will be a very valuable one for those of you who disagreed with WhatsApp’s policy as revealing too much information about your app use habits. Next: to get rid of the double-tick for received messages!


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