Although it was a laughable amount, it’s still true that till now you had to pay an annual subscription to use WhatsApp on your device, which was especially annoying for those with no access to systems for doing online transactions. Now, though, WhatsApp has just released an official statement to the effect that over the next few weeks WhatsApp will become completely free for everyone.

First of all, we need to debunk those rumors that have been floating around the web for ages. The statement confirms that no integrated advertising is to be included in the app. At some point in the future the idea is to implement new features such as a WhatsApp-based communications service for businesses, features that at no time will slow down the ones already included on the free version of the service. Recently, for instance, images have been leaked of some users trying a new feature to make videocalls from WhatsApp.


What’s clear is that Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp has a clear intent: to bring all digital communication services under one roof to reach WhatsApp’s billion users and Facebook Messenger’s approximately 800 million and then constantly expand their capacities.

More information | WhatsApp Blog



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