When it comes right down to it, technology is as much about trial and error as anything else, even when the product in question is getting used by millions of people. WhatsApp recently rolled out those new 24-hour, disappearing Statuses and in the process got rid of those useful phrases associated with your profile indicating your info or whatever else you had in mind to say. Luckily, the latest update has brought them back.

whatsapp status WhatsApp brings back status phrases in its latest beta

The latest version of the beta (v2.17.95) brings back the custom status message. To access them go to the Settings menu and and click on your profile name and image. From there you can either pick one of the default messages (available, busy, etc.) or write whatever you want, with emojis, too, if you fancy.

whatsapp status WhatsApp brings back status phrases in its latest beta

Whatever you type will reappear alongside the name of each person in your contacts list, now accessible from the green icon at the bottom right of screen on the main menu (before that section was in the top browser bar where the disappearing Statuses now live). The nomenclature is all getting a bit dubious, really, and could well prompt a few misunderstandings: Now we have the usual Statuses plus the disappearing Statuses that include images and videos. Have fun trying to explain this one to your mum. 


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