Ever since WhatsApp announced that it would start charging annually for its service, users haven’t quit looking for free alternatives while all the other messaging services spent their time with ad campaigns trying to become the major competition. But the undeniable potential pioneer company has in the instant messaging realm has come back to light. A few days ago, WhatsApp announced on Twitter that it had surpassed 27 billion messages in just 24 hours.

whatsapp 27 mil millones mensajes en un día

The tweet, through which the messaging platform officially announced the new record, explained the breakdown of the impressive number: 10 billion incoming messages by WhatsApp users, and the other 17 billion were received worldwide. The two figures are different because some communicate with group chats in which a person sends a message to several contacts at the same time.

This avalanche of messages far exceeded its last success—18 billion the last night of 2012—a statistic that other services such as Twitter and Facebook haven’t since surpassed in the last six months, making it very clear that WhatsApp is spreading like wildfire.

The company, which reached 200 million monthly active users, leaving behind Twitter, continues to be the leader in the mobile messaging industry despite the notable expansion of its rivals. Line reached 150 million registered users this May, but according to the company, just 80% of them are active users.

The messaging platform Viber comes in next trailing behind Line with 140 million users, with just 10 million between the two. On the other hand, other services such as BlackBerry Messenger have 60 million users, but the WhatsApp’s biggest threat is WeChat, the popular Chinese service that has 190 million active users, and more than 300 million registered.

WhatsApp has reason to rejoice over its success as it remains the leader of mobile messaging services, but most certainly should not let its guard down.

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