Finally! One of the most annoying things for WhatsApp users has always been the number of notifications received during the day if you are in several contact groups at the same time. Although it was already possible to temporarily silence audio notifications, you still would receive the message icon in your notifications bar. The new version includes an option to completely silence groups.

The latest 2.11.205 version includes a new tickbox in the “Silence groups” options beneath the time selector. When you tick it, you won’t receive any sort of notifications when new items appear in group chats (meaning that the only way to check these will be by accessing the app and searching for it in your active conversations).


This new feature tops off the huge number of changes arriving to the service after its acquisition by Facebook, such as the option to hide your last connection time, pay a subscription for a friend from your own smartphone, or send the first animated icons in the app. With the arrival of new competitors in the field of instant messaging and the improvement in the already-existing features, it makes perfect sense that WhatsApp has got on the ball.


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