It seems unthinkable at this point that malware keeps infecting certain networks, but their creators are evil geniuses who learn to disguise their malicious software in unexpected ways. One of the latest tricks uncovered comes in the form of juicy discounts for Zara, H&M, and Starbucks that are actually entry links to download malware without your consent on your devices, including both smartphones and PCs.

Although most of the infections have happened via WhatsApp, this malware can also infect desktop computers via your browser. You’ll first arrive to a fake page that asks you to click a button to get the mentioned discounts (they change every once in a while; a few months ago there were fake discounts for Ikea making the rounds), but when you open them you’ll be redirected to a URL that serves as a bridge to a rogue address: in other words, a fake message warning that your computer is at risk of infection, and telling you to download an antivirus (linked to the same message) to avoid it or even call a certain phone number. Obviously this is all a total farce, and you should NEVER click on the supplied links.


There are as many kinds of malware as there are types of users and social platforms. Whether it be on Facebook (which a few months ago was flooded with fraudulent accounts giving away gift certificates for Zara and Media Markt) or in a message on any instant messenger you might use, always know where links come from before you click them and don’t trust everything that appears in front of you. And don’t forget about the ‘police virus’ still out there thrashing on its last legs – that notorious ransomware that tries to convince you you’ve committed a crime by visiting pages with illegal content.


Source | Securelist


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