Text adventures where making the correct decision is fundamental, like the classic ‘Choose your own adventure’ books, have carved out a niche in the Android ecosystem. What’s Your Story? fills a hole left open in the subgenre with two interesting features: an incredible system of character customization and the ability to experience adventures within popular movie and TV franchises like Divergent, Scream, or Beverly Hills 90210.

What's Your Story?

We are big fans of text adventures on Android, and What’s Your Story has many praiseworthy traits. Exploring the universes of popular audiovisual franchises is something many of us have dreamed of doing on more than one occasion. Granted, you shouldn’t forget that the majority of the adventure is experienced through text. You can make decisions that have an impact on the story, but that’s the only interactive part of the game available. The good news is that it’s not just a single game, but rather a ‘game of games’, in which each story plays differently depending on the universe you choose.

What's Your Story?

Playing through the Scream chapters, your objective is to survive the experience by making more or less correct decisions, while in the world of Divergent you have to interact between the different factions. What’s great is that each game, or series, consists of about twenty chapters that are approximately 5 minutes each, so the experience is intense and short, something ideal for a mobile game. On top of that, the decisions you make have real relevance, and effect which path you go down in the story.

What's Your Story?

The inspiration for What’s Your Story? is easy to see in titles like Choices: Stories You Play or Episode: Choose Your Story, although the CEO of Ludia, Alex Thabet, has said that the real inspiration came from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This can be seen in the variety of character customization options available, including everything from gender to clothes and facial features. Of course, many of the customization options need to be unlocked by advancing in the game.

What's Your Story?

The mix of a visual novel where making decisions is key and the great avatar customization in What’s Your Story? makes it a game worth checking out. Even more so considering the movie and TV franchises you have the option to enter: Scream, Divergent, Beverly Hills 90210… Plus in the near future you will be able to play through stories in other audio visual sagas like CSI and Baywatch. Although what we really dream of is having adventures in franchises that Ludia has already developed games for, essential sagas like Battlestar Galactica and Jurassic Park.

What’s Your Story? for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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