Warcher Defenders drops us into a situation well known by all gamers, where the hordes of evil are planning to conquer the world and you are its sole possible savior. In this Android game you have to protect various castles from relentless attacks from waves of evil monsters. Think you can you manage that epic task?

warcher defenders featured Warcher Defenders: Defend your castle from threats of all kinds

The tower defense genre can count a huge array of titles to its name. And still more on smartphones and tablets. But luckily developers continuously try to tweak the formula so as not to fall into copy after hackneyed copy. Warcher Defenders stands out for mixing the typical attributes of tower defense with features from arcade games that take you on a trip straight back to the earliest days of gaming – when pixels and high difficulty levels came hand in hand.

Warcher Defenders Android

Warcher Defenders puts you at the forefront of the defense of your standard medieval fantasy world that we’ve all seen a trillion times. You man the final line of various castles that enemies of all sorts never stop attacking. You have to defend four possible lines of view and raise or lower your character on the wall so he can stop them. Swiping up or down makes you go up or down and tapping the screen makes you shoot arrows. Take care as not all the enemies behave the same way – for example there are ghosts that move from level to level, or others that can resist more than two arrows. The good thing is that all are very recognizable thanks to the brilliant pixel art that makes such a splash throughout the whole game.

Warcher Defenders Android

Each level winds up with a face-off against a big final boss who’s sure not to make things easy for you. Keep in mind that you have two different life bars: one for the castle and one for your character. If one of them runs out, it’s game over – and that’s something that’s going to happen to you a lot. Warcher Defenders has a very high level of difficulty. No matter how skilled you are, death is going to be a constant. And every time you perish you have to start over from the first level. Seriously an exercise in torture.

To make your life simpler there are the stores where you can go to upgrade your skills. Plus within the game itself you can buy objects and hire mercenaries that give you a hand in your crusade against the monsters. Warcher Defenders is highly enjoyable thanks to its simple controls and retro-loving graphics – though its difficulty will stress you beyond normal levels. If you have enough patience you’ll get to the point that you can see the different characters to unlock and all the available levels. But that’s not going to be easy.

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