The fact that smartphone and tablet batteries deplete very fast is a problem that manufacturers are trying to solve by increasing the battery capacity and improving the technology with each new generation of devices. Another way is to use external devices that can prolong battery life, such as this solar power charging station called WakaWaka Power.

WakaWaka Power, cargador solar para smartphones

WakaWaka Power transforms solar energy into electric energy using a microUSB connector. There are other similar products, but the manufacturers of the device promise that it is up to 200% more efficient than other available products on the market. Also, it works as a long-lasting flashlight.

Of course, this isn’t a practical solution for recharging your cellphone that you use in the city – at least not yet. But, perhaps you should consider including it in your emergency kit that you take with you on a trip to a remote location.

For most people, it isn’t that big of a deal when their cellphone battery runs out of juice – in every city or downtown area you’ll find an outlet where you can recharge it. Those of us who use our Internet connection intensively are used to having to recharge our smartphones two or even three times per day.

The real problem happens when you are camping, are in remote locations, or if you’re hiking and get lost and/or have some sort of mishap, for example. In either case, having a working smartphone is handy for at least sending a message to somewhen, getting help, and being rescued. Recently there have been many cases of people who were lost and then found thanks to the GPS technology and instant messaging services on their phones.

WakaWaka Power is a project that was launched on the collective funding platform Kickstarter. It will be available starting in May for $69, and you can pre-order a unit on their official website. You’ll also have to add a shipping charge if you live outside the U.S.


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