The VLC media player might well be one of the most efficient and versatile options now available. Its Android version had always trailed the desktop software by a little ways, but that seems to no longer be the case with this new version 2.0 for smartphones. It finally includes features users have been requesting for ages, like streaming over network protocols, automatic subtitle download, playlists for videos, or the option to run in window mode.

VLC’s philosophy has stayed the same in terms of supporting a huge array of devices. In fact, though it supports the new Android N runtimes it also still works on Android 2.2, all without making sacrifices to security. If anything it’s even reduced the permissions required after its installation. Below we list the most notable of the big changes brought with this update.

VLC Player 2.0 para Android

  • Online streaming: We can finally stream files remotely over one of the supported protocols: DLNA/UPnP, Windows Shares, FTP, SFTP, and NFS. And it can even detect subtitles associated with the video if they’re available.
  • Subtitle download: As with other tools like KODI and Media Player Classic, VLC can now auto-search subtitles for a video, in this case from the free site OpenSubtitles. Also, users can now view subtitles using special characters or reversed text direction.
  • Video playlists: On top of the audio ones we already had.
  • Window mode: An increasingly requested feature on tablets (and Android-based desktop systems like Chrome OS/Remix OS). Now you can run applications in a window.
  • Playback history.
  • A new mosaic of shortcuts for the basic playback options.
  • An integrated interface for playing Android TV content.

More information | Official VLC blog



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