A week or so ago we witnessed the shutdown of one of the most original content platforms of recent times. The loss of Vine was a sad thing for the world and we explained at the time how to download your Vines as we’d assumed that its shutdown would erase all the fun content it contained. Luckily Twitter has turned the old Vine page into a site compiling all the Vines created during the entirety of the platform’s existence.


There were lots of questions about what would happen to all the AV material on Vine. It was clear that the videos would remain active for an indeterminate amount of time, but when exactly everything would disappear wasn’t. Luckily, we can say goodbte to this fear of losing an immense amount of contentVine.co has become a time capsule containing the clips that made Vine one of the most relevant artistic sites of recent years.

The new site is organized to give quick access to all the content you’re looking for, whether by year of creation or category: animals, art, comedy, sports… You can spend hours and hours browsing around highlighted content, or search for a particular Vine handle from the search bar. If you don’t want to get complicated, you can always check out the Vine editors’ picks or one of the site’s the many Playlists. No, you’ll never get bored here.


As if all that weren’t enough, you can still download all your own Vines, just like we explained the other day. We’re not sure if people will start using Vine Camera or will prefer to make Twitter microvideos, but one sure thing is that you can keep enjoying the media content created since 2013. And that’s a good thing.

More info | Vine blog



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