Towards the beginning of the year, Twitter expanded its horizons with its new service, Vine, a platform that brings the immediacy of microblogging to the field of audiovisual production, allowing you to share short videos with friends with a structure and philosophy similar to that of the world of 140 characters. Up until now, the app was available exclusively for iOS users, but yesterday it was made available on Android. 

Vine Android cabecera

The philosophy of the app, and the way it works, hasn’t changed: You can record short 6-second videos captured directly from within the app. They don’t have to be sequential, and can be made up of small fragments of recordings. You can then share it with others, and interact with users similar to how you do on Twitter – you can follow posts from certain users, and share or favorite their creations.

The only noteworthy new addition to this new version is the ability to zoom in on videos to adapt the view to your needs. Beyond this, new features are promised for the following updates on both versions, such as the ability to post directly to Facebook, or use hashtags.

Download Vine on Uptodown
Version for Android |
Version for iOS |

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