If there’s one TV show that seems not to be affected by the years passing it’s gotta be South Park. The animated series has 20 seasons to its name and is peerless in the level of brilliance that Trey Parker and Matt Stone manage to pull off week after week. And now you can enjoy the show on your Android with the South Park app that gives access to all episodes entirely free.

South Park Android

Now that there seem to be a million and one services to view shows with a monthly subscription, finding a free app like the South Park one is like balm to the soul. More than 250 episodes of the misadventures of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are available to everyone. And the app couldn’t be simpler to use: pick your season and episode and voilà. This official application is built solely so that access to its content is as quick as possible. And the playback quality, in line with everything else about this app, is excellent.

Though it all sounds great, there’s one big but that could spoil the party for many: the app is only available in a few specific countries. If you’re in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, or Poland you’re in luck. You can enjoy all its content and even change the language in a super-simple way (English, German, Dutch, French, or Polish). All the rest of us will have to wait until some kind soul deigns to launch the app everywhere else. Or use other methods to get access. The Uptodown search engine is your friend.

South Park app

This app follows the path broken by the South Park website, where you can view episodes from the series. It may not be as smooth as the app but it still works great. Those of you who can enjoy the app shouldn’t hesitate: viewing South Park from anywhere is a great luxury that shouldn’t be missed.

South Park for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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