There are lots of ways to easily set up a camera to remotely view its image in real time. The AtHome tools let you create online interconnections between both mobile and smartphone devices to remotely view the outputs of webcams and integrated cameras.

In this particular case we’re going to explain one of the many things you can do: Use your smartphone to view the image captured through a webcam in real time. To do so you need both controller apps on each of the two systems. If the device is a transmitter, that is, if it has an incorporated camera that you want to access, you can install the corresponding version of AtHome Video Stream. In turn, if the device is going to serve as a receiver you’ll need the Home Security version. In our example case we’re going to need the following:

  • First you’ll download and install the Windows client. When you open it for the first time (ensuring that you have your webcam activated), you’ll see the screen image alongside a few setup options that for now we’re not going to touch. What interests us here is clicking the Generate QR Code button to use later.


  • Now we’ll do the same thing with the Android app. The first time we start it will ask you to login. Click on No account yet, register now at the bottom and enter your username and password. Once you’re in you can add an external webcam to the service with the wizard that appears on your screen. If you cancel it to do later you’ll need to click on the cross at the top right and pick Add Camera by QR Code.


  • When you add it you can click on the camera if it’s active to view everything being captured by the webcam on your screen with some interesting add-ons: you can either listen to sound captured by the remote computer or silence it with the Mute button. It’s also possible to record or take screenshots, or even broadcast sounds on your side to play on the remote device.




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