Nowadays, there’s an unlimited amount of apps that were created to help you retouch the pictures you take with your smartphone. However, most of these apps include filters that are meant to give your pictures a more professional and attractive look. On the other hand, there are apps such as Vaporgram that can help you give your images a lot of character. We’re talking about a different app that’ll take you back to the past, specifically to the Vaporware movement. 


What is Vaporwave?

First and foremost, we have to define Vaporwave as a digital style. This style started at the beginning of this decade and was present in music and design. From that moment on, the movement became more and more relevant. You can easily recognize it because it mixes different aspects from the 80s and the 90s such as Funk and other electronic rhythms. In addition, the design represents the fascination for everything retro and includes elements such as VHS. 


Vaporgram and the nostalgia of its interface

As soon as you open Vaporgram, you’ll realize that the developers didn’t leave room for improvisation. Its sleek interface will take you back to the past in just a matter of seconds. Each tab takes you back to those first versions of Windows where everything was grey with blue borders. You’ll even be asked to rate the app with the iconic Clippy, Microsoft’s office assistant. It’s basically impossible to be indifferent to the features this app offers.


You can choose whether you want to retouch a picture saved in your gallery or apply any of the filters to a new picture using the main tab. Once you’ve decided on the image, you can explore all the possibilities that Vaporgram offers you. In addition, you can save your creations on this first tab. 

Let your imagination run wild

The Vaporgram editor lets you use filters to add a neo-retro look such as the “glitch” or “VHS” to all your pictures. But that’s not all, you can also apply different adjustments to give your pictures impossible and groundbreaking colors to each image. At the end of the day, that’s what Vaporwave is all about. Mixing movements that remind you of that unique music from the past. As another key point, the app shows you floating tabs with advice to make the most out of each parameter. 


Another feature that definitely stands out in Vaporgram is that you can add text and frames to your pictures. These options prevent you from having to complicate your life by adding a bunch of different effects to make your pictures look amazing. All you have to do is fit the picture inside frames that are overflowing with art. Oh, and it should probably be mentioned that you won’t find modern fonts. Everything in this app is designed to respect the style that inspired its creation. 


But what’s really fun about Vaporgram is that as soon as you access the stickers tab you’ll find a bunch of virtual stickers that’ll give that finishing touch to your pictures. This section includes the classic Windows 95 logo, busts of classic sculptures, cyberpunk elements and computers from the past. It’s interesting to place different stickers in different parts of the picture to find the best distribution. 


Pictures that scream graphic design

Once you’ve edited some of your pictures with Vaporgram, you’ll realize that this a pretty unique app. Mainly because it strays away from other picture editing apps that simply make your pictures look as if they were taken with a reflex camera. Vaporgram more closely fits in with other apps such as Kuji Cam that give your pictures a more specific style. Trends always make a comeback. Maybe it’s time to give Vaporwave a try.

Vaporgram for Android [APK] | Download


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