There are many obvious situations in which you need to have a keyboard and a mouse, and having the equivalent of them both in your pocket can get you out of a tight spot on more than one occasion. Smartphones and tablets today can serve as almost any one of a computer’s appendages, and, with Remote Mouse, you can convert your iOS or Android device into a small keyboard and mouse set, much like the common trackpads that you see on laptops today.

Remote Mouse cabecera

There are many apps that do the same thing as Remote Mouse. But this one is more stable, comes without ads, and is free. In order for Remote Mouse to work, you must be connected to the same network as the computer you are trying to control, and you must have the program installed that acts as the receiver, which you can use on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If there is no available network to connect to, the app also allows you to connect by sharing the wireless network connection from your phone.


Remote Mouse allows you to use the majority of keyboard functions, such as direction and function keys, giving you a great level of control from a very small device. After installing the program and the app, all you have to do is click “Auto Connect” on your device, and it will search for your computer through the network you are connected to, or you can manually enter your computer’s IP address and click “Connect.” You will now be able to control the mouse and keyboard from your Android, iPhone, iPad, and other supported systems.

Download Remote Mouse on Uptodown
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