There are ever more smartphones being released with DualSIM, that is, with the option to have two phone numbers on the same device so you can use them alternately. The problem with this is that most IM services don’t take advantage of this feature and it’s not possible to use both numbers at the same time instead of having to load one or the other. OGWhatsApp is an unofficial mod for the popular messaging service that lets you use two numbers simultaneously.

Like with WhatsApp Plus, this is a mod created from the official app via reverse engineering that adds a series of extra features not included by default. In the case of OGWhatsApp, its star feature is the ability to use the program from either of the two phone numbers associated with your phone, whether via the two SIM slots on your phone or a DualSIM.

The concept is very simple, since what you’re going to do is use both numbers is have two versions of WhatsApp installed at the same time on your device, so that each is associated with one of your two cards. These are the steps to install it.

  • First off, you should make a backup of your message history if you want to keep it. To do so, go into WhatsApp to Settings > Chat settings > Save conversations.
  • Now leave WhatsApp and delete the temporary WhatsApp files. On your Android device’s menu go to Settings > Applications and find WhatsApp. Inside, click on the Clear Data button.


  • Now you have to change the name of the folder where WhatsApp is installed. To do so you’ll need a file explorer such as OI File Manager, which is found on the root of the SD card or the internal memory, depending on the device. The WhatsApp folder will need to be named OGWhatsapp.


  • Next, install OGWhatsApp. As usual, installing an APK from outside Google Play requires you to enable installation of apps from unknown sources. We explain how to do that HERE.
  • Lastly, you need to associate each of the apps with one of your numbers. On the official WhatsApp app you’ll enter the details of the new number you want to add, while on OGWhatsApp you’ll use the number you had before.


  1. Today my OGWS suddenly stopped working.. it keeps prompting me to update the latest version… when I clicked on it, it says item not found….

    • My ogwhats isn’t working.. it ask me that the version of ogwhatsapp become obselete update it.. and when I clicled on it says item not found in google play store . tell me wt should I do?

  2. The app was preforming efficiently but now it is saying that the version of og watsapp is outdated. Please let me know how to install update for the app.

    • WhatsApp is blocking all the mods such as OGWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus and they are not available anymore.

  3. how can i change the date settings in dual whatsapp use…..i got a error at og whatsapp version date….i change my device date it’s work bt my another whatsapp got a same error… pls upgrade at og whatssap

  4. how can i change the date settings in dual WhatsApp use…..i got a error at OGWhatsApp version date….i change my device date it’s work but my another WhatsApp got a same error… pls upgrade at OG what’s sap

  5. Legal Alternative for OGWhatsApp

    I’ff got A good alternative and legal too. Disa, you can download it from the playstore. This is a program wich combines all kind of IM in one app. I installed it and used my second number for whatsapp and my private number is used in the original WhatsApp! Succes! It works perfect for me


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