At Uptodown we’re on our way to serving over 2 billion app downloads in 2016, having surpassed a record breaking 100 million visits in a single month. These are just some of our strong points that firmly anchor Uptodown as the world’s biggest Android app marketplace outside of Google Play.

Major milestones at Uptodown in 2016

Since July 2013, Uptodown has grown from a volume of 200,000 daily visits to 3.4 million this July, having increased by 1700% traffic in a three year period.

Uptodown Metrics 100 million users 30 days

On July 9th 2016, we reached another key milestone when our Alexa ranking reached 175th globally. This is a major landmark that consolidates our spot as one of the 200 most influential websites on the internet, exceeding benchmark sites within our sector like CNET and our direct competition Softonic, who chose a different route when adapting to new market demands on software distribution for Android. Another outstanding milestone is Uptodown’s continued positioning in both Brazil and Mexico among the Top 50 most visited sites.

Uptodown on Alexa top

How are we making this happen?

The short explanation is based on being the fastest when it comes to offering new mobile apps and updates, as well as focusing exclusively on user experience without putting revenue first. In fact, Uptodown’s traffic is 100% organic, meaning that we spend absolutely nothing on acquiring users. This is thanks to 15 years of best practice in SEO and a marked preference for user comfort and providing great service rather than overly prioritizing monetization (although it’s obviously necessary).

Download Pokemon GO on Uptodown

We’re up to date on everything related to the Android industry, receiving peak traffic when new apps are released within this market. Without looking much further, thanks to the success of the Android release for Pokemon GO, we’ve accumulated over 1 million downloads in less than a week.

Users per Employee Ratio

After taking an in-depth view into the number of employees and the traffic received by the current most influential sites worldwide, we can strongly affirm that we’re one of the top businesses with the highest volume of monthly visits per employee (according to our Users-Per-Employee Ratio,) second only to WhatsApp and ahead of industry giants like Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

Ratio User-Per-Employee Uptodown

Uptodown is formed by a team of 12 employees in its main offices in Malaga, Spain along with several external collaborators around the world.

Uptodown Members

External collaboration

Precisely due to this reduced niche of employees we’ve been able to bet on collaborating with external media when it comes to spreading news about our services through high quality information and distribution channels. In this sense, a large number of publishers are starting to use our own widget. Special thanks to our early adopters: El Androide Libre for Spanish speaking countries, and DroidGamers for gaming related topics, you’re a major part our our success!

Uptodown Partners El Androide Libre DroidGamers

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