As we always say, the best way to take full advantage of everything Uptodown has to offer, is by installing our official app. With it, you can automatically download updates, or rollback to a previous version of any app easily, along with tons of other great features. With the release of the new version 3.56, we’ve made loads of changes, including the highly-anticipated support for “Android App Bundles,” update filtering according to technical specifications, a new queuing system for multiple downloads, and the complete elimination of ads. 

Uptodown Android Market

Support for Split APKs

This is one of the main new features included in this update. A few months ago, Google began to introduce the so-called “Android App Bundles,” a new system of packaging and distributing apps that, among other things, reduces the size of the download, since it offers the user only the “pieces” of the app necessary for running on the device. Given that the Dynamic Delivery system is being used by more and more developers, it became necessary to make sure it was supported by our app.

In our case, we’ve decided to offer users the complete pack of each app, although our app will take care of extracting the necessary parts from the batch in order to install it on your device. This means that, once the file is downloaded (which will also have an XAPK extension like the packages that are already supported with additional OBB data), it can be used by any device, regardless of its architecture or screen resolution. It won’t be necessary to download it again.

uptodown android app nueva 2 Uptodown App Store version 3.56 is now available with important updates

Filtering APKs by device type

As you all already know, Uptodown offers the option to download previous versions of apps. This can cause certain problems at times, since it gives users complete freedom and thus, they may end up downloading an app or a beta version that’s only compatible with certain architectures or models.

To solve this problem, we’ve developed a system to automatically detect the SDK of the device, so that when searching for automatic updates in Uptodown for the installed apps, it’ll only download the ones that are completely compatible with the device. Problem solved!

New downloads queue

More solid and trustworthy. If you start downloading multiple apps simultaneously inside the app, they’ll go to a list of pending downloads in the Downloads section. Plus, if the connection is interrupted for external reasons, these will automatically resume as soon as it reconnects.

uptodown android app nueva Uptodown App Store version 3.56 is now available with important updates

No more ads

Although the app itself has limited ads to begin with, we’ve decided to completely get rid of all advertising to make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible for our users.

Following the GDPR standards

It’s necessary to comply with the new data protection regulations in Europe, so you’ll have to accept the new privacy terms in the section Privacy settings. There, we’ll request the permissions necessary to use basic features of the app, including the analysis of apps installed, and the technical specifications of the device in order to provide efficient service with the new added features.


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