The latest update of Pokemon GO version 0.29.2 is now ready to download for Android. Niantic is scrambling to resolve some of the many stability and performance issues that are bogging down the game’s servers in an attempt to avoid further saturation to the game’s already unstable servers. In order to update the game all you’ll need to do is download its APK file and run a manual install as per usual just like you did with the previous version.

Pokemon go kid park

Official modified specs for this new version aren’t fully available yet, but you can get the main gist of the changes made by taking a look at the game’s changelog for its update on iOS where details are explained regarding solutions for stability and the games random blackouts as well as improvements regarding login issues through Pokemon Trainers Club. Haven’t heard of it yet? It’s the game’s only alternative for logging on if you don’t want to directly link up through your Google account. Also, apparently new limits have been placed on the app’s associated permissions.


One thing for sure is that the game now runs better and is fully functional across more versions of Android. Without looking much further, users that have a preview version of Android N can also now access the game. Another huge modification that is visible at plain sight is that some new players won’t be able to log on unless they create an account on the Trainers Club. Thanks to the avalanche of players logging on through their Google accounts, the number of Google registers and connected Google users hit its max and is now capped.


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