Beer aficionados are in luck: Untappd has been updated to version 3.0 with a good handful of nice improvements. Lovers of a good pint no longer have any excuse for not trying out this useful app that lets you register the different beers you try and recommends you new brewskies.


The revamped version 3.0 of Untappd has included a series of improvements that aim to make life simpler for everyone on this social network: greater customization when categorizing beers, which now have flavor profiles, serving style, or place of purchase, as well as improvements to help you discover new beer-related places and events and a new map to easily locate them. Plus beer tasters looking for a nice amber ale (or IPA, or stout, or….) can set up alerts for certain breweries to be notified when they’ve added new locations nearby.

The list of improvements is a long one, and covers not only new content but also a fresh new look, plus more context menus that smooth out the running of the app. Ah, and we can’t forget that they gave us one thing we users have long been asking for: now you can create lists of all the beers you want to try, whether public or closed.

Untappd android

This new Untappd update has improved a ton of aspects of an app that was already pretty great. That’s why the arrival of this version has been a bit bumpy, with the app taking a bit longer than usual to start up and suffering a few glitches. They’ve already rolled out some bug fixes to correct some of the problems, though, and given how fast this first patch has arrived, we have no doubts that soon we’ll be able to fully enjoy this beer-bubbling social network.

More info | Untappd Blog

Untappd for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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