Let’s be real here. The buildup of annoying spam in our email accounts is, for the most part, probably our own fault for not reading the fine print at the time of signing up for certain services (as if anybody has time for that). On the flip side, unsubscribing from endless newsletters and other periodic marketing emails that invade your inbox can be agonizing if you try to do it yourself. Luckily, there are tools like Unroll.Me that automate the process of blocking marketing emails from various sources. While we’ve been able to enjoy the service for a while now through its website, they’ve just released a handy dandy new app for Android.

unroll me feat How to clear spam from your inbox with Unroll.Me

This app analyzes your entire inbox and will show you all the senders who send you automated emails regardless of the mailing method used. Best of all, the Android app uses convenient gestures, making it super simple to manage all your promotional emails. The app shows you a stack of “cards” containing the latest messages you’ve received and you can decide how to handle them with the swipe of your finger: swipe to the left to unsubscribe forever, or to the right to keep receiving the promotional emails from that particular sender.

unroll me screenshot How to clear spam from your inbox with Unroll.Me

However, the most interesting thing about this app is the possibility to store a sender in what the app calls your rollups. All the emails you add to this folder will be bunched together in a single daily email with a summary of the notifications that you’ve received during that time. This way, you can see all the marketing content you’ve received at once instead of constantly loading your inbox full of trash. 

Another strong point of Unroll.Me is that all the actions you take are reversible. The emails that you’ve chosen to unsubscribe from are stored safely in a list that you can always access and change at any time. That said, the emails you’ve received that have just been sitting around for years in your storage space will need to be deleted manually. Luckily, using either the sender’s name or website, you can easily unsubscribe using these references in the integrated search bar of your email service.

Unroll.Me for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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