Put your balance to the test in Unicycle Giraffe

Unicycle Giraffe is a simple game created by the company Massive Monster where you have to help a giraffe maintain his balance on a unicycle.

The independent company Massive Monster was founded in 2014 and since then, they’ve developed games for different platforms, including Android. One of their latest projects is Unicycle Giraffe, a casual game of skill where you have to help a giraffe maintain his balance atop an unsteady unicycle. Sure enough, it’s a simple title that will have you hooked thanks the combination of its visual and audio elements.


Unicycle Giraffe immerses you in a pastel-colored world

If Unicycle Giraffe stands out for one thing, it’s for its beautiful graphics. The main character, the settings, and the buttons are designed using the same visual theme. In Massive Monster, they focus on the aesthetics to make sure their designs combine simplicity, creativity, and color. Proof of this is the company’s YouTube channel where you can access tutorials about how they artistically develop some of their games.


The music created by Narayana Johnson is another one of the elements that we can’t forget to mention. Unicycle Giraffe is one of those games that’s make it worthwhile to crank up your phone’s volume while playing. Here, the music notes go hand in hand with the graphics and the rhythm of the gameplay.

Simple controls for simple fun

Once we get into what the actual gameplay entails, we can see the simplicity that Unicycle Giraffe is all about. The gameplay is straightforward: all you have to do is focus on keeping your giraffe balanced on his unicycle. To do this, you just have to tap the left or right sides of the screen according to how your character starts leaning. Although it may seem easy, you’ll soon realize that it takes practice in order to get enough points.


In Unicycle Giraffe, you also have to try to collect coins that appear in each one of the levels. This is the only way you’ll unlock new hats and accessories for your giraffe. Also, from time to time, you’ll receive some gifts that you can open to discover new surprises. And careful, because you’ll have to be sure to dodge some bombs that will put an end to the game if they so much as touch you.

Unicycle Giraffe is an Android game that offers everything necessary to make sure you have a fun time. Its carefully-designed graphics, the easy control system, and great music choice had us hooked from the very first round. Will you be able to beat your own record on this unsteady unicycle?

Unicycle Giraffe for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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