During the last several years, we have witnessed the creation of mobile devices with new operating systems specifically designed for touchscreens. First came Apple with iOS, next was Google with Android, and later came Microsoft with Windows Phone/RT. Now it is Ubuntu, one of the most important desktop operating systems in recent years, who appears in the mobile phone arena.

Ubuntu OS smartphone cabecera Ubuntu enters the world of smartphones with Ubuntu Phone OS

Ubuntu Phone OS is the name that Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Ubuntu Software, has given to the adaptation of the GNU/Linux software for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The Canonical developers have focused all their energy on the system’s nucleus, and the controls that already work with Android, so that Ubuntu Phone OS can be compatible on the majority of Android devices.

The Ubuntu Phone OS apps can take advantage of all the capabilities of the device on which they are installed, whether they be native apps or web apps similar to those on the original Ubuntu. Canonical has created its own developers software for creating native apps, which uses C++ as the programming language.

The user experience is based on Unity, although managing the system has been changed to swipe movements. For example, sliding your finger from the left to the center of the screen opens the Unity dock, now adapted for use on smartphones. Another interesting swipe movement is the notification drop down menu, which you can access by sliding your finger down from the top portion of the screen. The system is designed with a focus on application content, a philosophy similar to that of Microsoft in its Windows Phone 7 +.

Official website | http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/

Download Ubuntu 12.10 on Uptodown



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