In the world of technology, the important thing is to constantly keep moving and evolving to adapt to the latest trends. We here at Uptodown are always seeking to open up new horizons in the world of mobile app development, and now we offer our most recent result: uBooster is a free cleaning app for Android that lets you increase the available space on your device by deleting trash files, as well as free up RAM by closing processes running in the background.

The app, which is quite similar to other tools like Clean Master or CCleaner, is now available on Google Play and Amazon AppStore as well as from our own repositories here at Uptodown. True to its aim of accessibility, it’s an extremely simply tool to use (you just tap a button) and you’ll have clear results in a matter of seconds. The attached screen shots show the process clearly.

uBooster screenshot 1 Introducing uBooster, our Android cleaning app

When the app starts you’ll have two basic actions: Clean memory and free up RAM, along with the percentage of available space for each. Clicking on the lower icon with the app logo will start the cleaning process:

  • Freeing up space: It will take charge of getting rid of temporary files generated by applications that are not relevant for the good functioning of the device, although under no circumstances will it remove important data. The other big devourer of space is your photo gallery, which automatically creates thumbnails of each image when you browse through them.
  • Freeing up RAM: Although they don’t appear open, it’s true that many apps leave processes running in the background. In the case of social networks or IM services the processes will simply start all over again as soon as you close them, but many other apps leave ‘residual’ files that could overflow your RAM and thus enormously slow down your device. uBooster takes charge of closing all the ones it can without touching any that could compromise the stability of your system.

This is our first version and we want to hear your feedback. We have lots of changes in the works for the imminent updates, including improvements to the interface, translation to several languages, and new internal actions to free up more space. Here we go!



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