Tweetdeck used to be one of the most-complete and most-popular desktop applications for managing your Twitter account. That is, until it was acquired by Twitter. Ever since, it has lost features at the expense of a look more in line with the official Twitter parameters. Now, it won’t be long before it stops receiving support, and the Android, iPhone, and Adobe Air versions will be eliminated. This doesn’t mean that the official desktop version is going to disappear, but the mobile versions just mentioned will – the ones with that yellow icon.


Twitter acquired Tweetdeck in May, 2011 for the surprising amount of $40 million. Twitter is ensuring that by eliminating support for older versions it will be able to better dedicate its effort towards creating other applications for modern browsers. In fact, Chrome already has its own version, and a completely-functional web app also exists.

The majority of efforts have been centered on migrating the Adobe Air desktop app, which had different limitations, to a web environment that can be launched from any browser,  any extension designed for Chrome, and any native desktop app.

Twitter bases the decision to leave behind the other versions of the app on the loss of users in its mobile versions, as well as on the fact that Twitter’s API has recently upgraded to 1.1, while all these other apps were still running on version 1.0, which will be eliminated this month.

This is one of the many things that Twitter is doing to better control the apps that have access to the social network. It is a controversial issue, and there have been many instances in which developers have complained about the limitations that Twitter imposes regarding the amount of users that can connect via non-official applications. Eliminating TweetDeck, even though it is an official app, it is just another step towards having more centralized control over this type of access.

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